The virtuous circle of environmental sustainability


A mainstay of ISAP Packaging research is sustainability: achieving ever-improved performance with particular attention on safeguarding the environment. Its great specialisation in polypropylene has enabled ISAP Packaging to perfect efficient systems for recycling disposable tableware made of this polymer, ensuring absolute hygiene and food safety. The advantage of polypropylene is not just that it is robust, shatterproof and resistant, but also that it can be recycled a number of times, thus creating an authentically virtuous circle.

The dawn of Ri-Evento. Plastic as a resource.

To give clear proof of the true value of plastic recycling, ISAP Packaging has created Ri-evento®, a patented system for recycling disposable tableware in propylene, when used for collective events such as fêtes, special occasions, concerts, canteens and trade fairs.